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    1  - Collect different types of fabrics (natural and synthetic) . Paste them on a chart paper and mention their characteristics .
    2  - Collect the pictures of your family members and make a project of family tree and explain how is family most important in your life .
    3  - Do you know Mother Teresa ? Paste her picture in a big chart paper and write her biography .

    1  - Use some synthetic and plastic fibres and make some artical from its . That can we use in our daily life ,
    2  - Collect and paste different types of leaf in a big chart paper and write their name .
    3  - Collect and paste the pictures of mass - communication and explain    
          How these are useful in our daily life  ?

    CLASS   V
    1  - Draw and colour the different type of road signals ( make this project using pieces of card board and colours ) .
    2  . Collect and paste the picture of Indian PRIME - MINISTERS  from    1947 to till 2019 .
    3  - Collect and paste the picture of some Ancient Monuments and write their places and name ( Make this project in a big chart paper ) .

    CLASS  VI 
    1  - Why the human body needs muscles and bones both ?
    Do this project using clay and card board .
    2  - Collect some materials from your nearby post office . Paste them in a big chart board and mention their name and uses .
    3  - How can you explain " Fire need air to burn " Do this project in stick file .

    1  - Make a project on  "Imbalance of food chain" . Do this project on chart paper . 
    2  - Make a project on " Good and bad conductor of heat " (using stick file , chart paper and colours) . 
    3  - How can you explain "News paper is a mass communication" ? Write in 100 words . 

    1  - Make a project on "Section of a leaf" (using card board , dry leaves and colours) . 
    2  - Draw a colour full route map of your school to your home in a big chart paper and decorate it . 
    3  - Collect and paste some food grains in a chart paper and explain about it . 

    1  - What you understand about "GST" and explain its positive and negative aspects in 200 or 250 words . (Make this project in stick file) . 
    2  - List the name of some diseases and explain how can we protect ourselves . (Do this project in stick file) . 
    3  - Now a days "UID" (Aadhar) is must . Explain how does "UID" (Aadhar) plays important role in our life . 

    1  - If you are given a chance to become Prime Minister of your country , what changes would you like to bring for the development of your country ? (Do this project in stick file) . 
    2    - "Personality and good behaviour is must for a good citizen" . Share your views in 200 words . 
    3     - Make a project on "World Of Internet" and list out what are the good and bad effects in youth of it .
                                               BEST OF LUCK


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