Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

  • Carrying of mobile phones, pods or any electronic gadget is strictly prohibited.

  • No student should carry cash to school

  • Students should be well groomed and neatly dressed. School uniform should be pressed and shoes clean. Those students are not in proper uniform, will not be allowed to enter school.

  • The child should always maintain personal hygiene. Hair should be free of lice, nails cut and teeth brushed. A handkerchief must.

  • Hair should be neatly maintained. Girls with hair up to their shoulders should tie ponytails and hair beyond shoulder neatly plaited. Boys should keep their hair short.

  • Children should never cheat during exams or resort to unfair means in competitions such behavior is subject to penalization.

  • Bullying or use of foul language is punishable. No screaming and running in corridors and staircases. The child should remember the school is judged by their Conduct.

  • The school gate closes 10 min before prayers; Students arriving late will not be allowed to enter school.

  • Pupils shall always greet teachers, elders and friends in a pleasant way.

The School reserves the right to dismiss any pupil:

  • (I) For breach of discipline.
  • (II) For unsatisfactory progress in work.
  • (III) For detention or repeated detention in class.
  • (IV) Whose conduct sets a bad example for others.


  • Your wards should report to school in time, bring all the necessary books according to the time table and be neatly full uniform.

  • Your wards should have 75 % attendance by the end of school, failing which, they will not be considered for any awards

  • In case of any change in your address and contact numbers notify the school office and the class teacher.

  • Your wards should not carry expensive articles to school. In case they are lost; the school is not responsible for it.

  • The school does not encourage private tuition to students. But in case the parents feel that the ward is in need of they may contact the principal for necessary action.

  • Ensure that no teacher is approached when he/she is in class. In case, of any need, prior appointment may be sought diary or from the school office.

  • Students are not allowed to leave school premises during school hours, unless it is an emergency, for which the principal’s office should be contacted.

  • Encourage your child to speak in English. Listening to English news and reading the English newspaper should be a his/her routine.

  • You can meet the principal in her office on all working days. Prior appointment is advised to avoid inconvenience.

  • We always encourage communication; your suggestions are valuable to us.

  • Please read the remarks made in the diary and duly respond. Regularly attend parent-teacher meeting. Collect the personally on the day of the declaration of results

  • Any loss of the school property done will fully have to be paid for.