About Us

St. Columbus Murgu, Ratu, Ranchi is a Co-educational Day School Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, that proposes to offer Student-Tailored Curriculum well integrated with the best practices of Indian Education System.

St Columbus School was formally launched on 12th January 2012 under Arya foundation for the purpose of providing Quality Education to develop children as good human beings with well rounded personality, scientific mindset and a global outlook. We believe that children learn in their own unique style. Young minds have infinite capacity to understand, grasp and master various skills. Hence, we ensure that during the crucial years of children's development, they are provided with innovative way of teaching under the guidance of experts.

school building

SCSM aims to impart students with knowledge, discipline, confidence, excellence and a sense of responsibility. Education at St. Columbus School focuses on the holistic development of the students. Our standard curriculum constitutes diverse activities resulting in a well balanced program encompassing all the three dimensions of education - the academics, the co-curricular activities and the sports.

Undoubtedly, St. Columbus School students grow up to become inspiring individuals, the nation and the world would be proud of.


We Endeavour to foster and nurture the leaders of tomorrow by creating an environment for students where physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual growth and overall development is given utmost importance.

St. Columbus School, Murgu, Ratu, Ranchi treats each child as a unique individual and develops him/her to the maximum potential by providing a variety of learning experiences.


Our vision is to build integrated, young students who are capable of fulfilling their dreams and becoming aesthetically rich and capable members of the society. Therefore, we aim to transform lives by creating and sharing knowledge, while instilling values that prepare leaders for tomorrow.


St. Columbus School academic curriculum is balanced, covering linguistic, mathematical, human and social, scientific, aesthetic and creative, technological and physical areas. In the School, students also have the opportunity to join in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. St. Columbus students’ attitudes to work are encouraged to be very positive so that they enjoy their studies and have highly developed skills of independent learning through their application of Study Technology.

Their success is due both to their self-motivation arising from such application and to a good standard of teaching. Work is marked with an emphasis on positive feedback, in accordance with the school's policy.